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Helping you to plan, build, deliver, deploy, protect, optimise and innovate

By using IT we know that we can enable organisations of all shapes and sizes to innovate, transform and deliver smart, connected services to not only their users, but beyond that to those they serve on a daily basis – whether citizens, patients, tenants or students.

We do this by understanding the individual goals of each and every organisation to help them modernise their workplace by harnessing the power of the modern data centre, cloud, data, AI, security, collaboration and productivity tools while ensuring that any solution is created in an accessible and inclusive manner


Founder's Story

Stephen has worked in the IT industry for over 15 years, delivering a wide range of projects covering infrastructure, storage, networking, and security.​  In 2014, Stephen brought this experience to Innovare Associates where he has been the Chief Technology Officer and Senior Consultant.


Stephen has been instrumental in providing technical solutions and knowledge across a wide customer base, helping IT leaders develop suitable strategies for business transformation using relevant technologies within their organisation.   ​


Stephen embraces new technology, fostering a culture of innovation, and driving strategic business transformation which remains central to his mission.

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